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Laminated Columns with Finger Jointed Splices

Laminated Columns

Laminated Columns with Finger Jointed Splices AND Machine Graded Treated Lumber provide the strongest engineered column available.

Laminated Columns strength comparison

For over 55 years quality builders have relied on Littfin Truss to provide them with the highest quality engineered wood products.

Littfin Laminated Columns feature CCA treated (.60 retention) Machine Graded Southern Pine bottoms and SPF/SYP in the untreated portion of the columns. Machine graded lumber provides greater strength than visually graded lumber and machine proven strength.

Radio Frequency (RF) cured finger joints using adhesive that conforms to ASTM 2559 and rigorous daily testing insures structural quality finger joints. Laminations are fastened using ring-shank corrosion resistant nails along with construction adhesive that conforms to ASTM C557.

Builders across the Midwest have long known that Littfin is a name you can count on for quality and service. That and a 50-YEAR WARRANTY give you the assurance of quality second to none.

Myths and facts about laminated columns

MYTH: All nail laminated columns are the same.
FACT: Littfin laminated columns use structural finger joints.

Littfin Laminated Columns are manufactured with Structural Finger Joints which provides nearly twice the bending strength of a butt-spliced column.

The splice zone on a butt-spliced column acts as a hinge, thereby reducing its strength significantly. While the addition of a metal plate helps increase the bending value, Littfin Columns have a design bending value that is 60% greater than butt-spliced columns with Metal Plate reinforcement.

MYTH: Nail laminated columns aren't as strong as glue-laminated columns.
FACT: Littfin laminated columns are stronger than glue-laminated columns.

In braced applications, Littfin Laminated columns have a design bending value (per ASAE 559) that is 21% -29% stronger than glue-laminated columns made with the same lumber.

Why? Glue is NOT stronger than nails in braced applications, and Littfin Columns have a full finished dimension, giving you more lumber, which equals more strength.

MYTH: Nailed columns are prone to separating.
FACT: Littfin uses ring-shank nails and construction adhesive.

The combination of ring-shank nails AND Construction Adhesive that meets the requirements of ASTM C557, along with daily testing of our columns, provide you with the assurance of quality that is second to none.