Apartment Complex


Efficiency in designing and coordinating even the biggest of projects is what we do!

The Challenge

Organizing and coordinating dates of delivery with customer, contractor, and designer. This had to be broken up into many groups and strategically shipped in order to keep the job site busy but not crowded.

From the designer:

Working on larger projects like this one, having well drawn plans really helps the design process go faster. When there were questions about items on the plan, communication via email or a quick phone call to answer items quickly was a big help. Being informed of a precast dimension issue very early on, allowed the trusses to be designed correctly before submitting them for approval. Knowing how the framers were going to frame the north and south ends of the building allowed me to work on the correct trusses. When a 2nd framing crew was brought in to work on the south end of the building, I was able to switch the area I was working on without issues or delays. All of these things combined, allowed me to design and submit the approvals ahead of schedule. This allowed them to bring in another crew and to get the building done ahead of schedule.

Apartment Complex

This project is a WORK IN PROGRESS.
Stay tuned as we add more information in the coming months!

Apartment Complex
Apartment Complex
Apartment Complex

Project at a Glance

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    This is a very large project that required highly experienced coordinating and planning
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    Littfin has plenty of experience in apartment complexes, which put us in great position to tackle this project

Client feedback

  • “Never could imagine this process going any smoother.”
  • “Everything fits precisely where we need it, making this project operate at a predictable pace.”
Apartment Complex
Apartment Complex

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