Complex, uncommon design project using large 5-ply girders.

The Challenge

Optimize all floor space within the seating and congregation area so that there would be no obstructed views to the front of the church. This requires maximum strength and load bearing capacities for the custom support trusses we were required to manufacture for this project.

From the designer:

This was a fun and challenging project to work on.  At first it seemed like a simple enough job, but there were two extremely large 5-ply girder trusses that supported most of the building. They posed the real challenge from a design standpoint.  The project architect had a firm grasp on what wood trusses can and cannot do and dialed his building design in extremely close to the limit of what we could accomplish.  Ultimately, working together with him and MiTek we were able to accomplish the design with some flexibility. Even with that, it took all the tricks up my sleeve to get those girders to work. Other challenges included special requests for fastening the girder plies, having no blemishes on the trusses (as they are exposed to view on the inside), and the project posed extra hurdles to overcome for the delivery drivers as well.  There were some hiccups along the way but, working together, we got the job done.

Ministry Trusses

Project at a Glance

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    Unique, uncommon design with exposed trusses
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    Use only two 5-ply girder trusses to support most of the building
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    We had to get creative and rely on our experience in order to make the girders work to full optimization

Client feedback

  • “Littfin got it done when no one else could, they were the only manufacturer to accommodate the loading needed on the main girders.”
  • “Extra care was taken while building/shipping these trusses understanding they would be exposed/open to site in the building when complete.”
  • “We know when we have a job, Littfin will be able to accommodate it.”

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